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Belgian authorities said on Wednesday that they are actively searching for a Palestinian asylum seeker after reports emerged that he had threatened an unspecified attack.

Wednesday, 25 October 2023 11:33 Opinion

The Brussels Prosecutor's Office stated that they are aware of the threat mentioned in the media and added that police forces are actively searching for the individual. Just last week, an Islamist extremist shot two Swedes and injured a third in Brussels. Authorities reported that the suspect, a Tunisian national, died during a police operation attempting to arrest him.

The search for this individual comes on the eve of a two-day European Union summit in Brussels, where 27 EU leaders will gather to discuss, among other topics, the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The murders that occurred last week exposed the inefficiency of the Belgian government and judicial system, allowing the suspect to move freely within Brussels, despite Tunisia actively seeking his extradition. The Minister of Justice resigned over the incident last weekend.

Following the attack, the terror threat level in Belgium was raised to the second-highest level, indicating a "serious" threat.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office also announced on Wednesday that a suspect with a semi-automatic rifle, believed to have been used in the killing of the two Swedes, has been detained. He will be questioned later on Wednesday before a decision on his arrest is made.

The mother of a 6-year-old Muslim boy, who was fatally stabbed in what is believed to be a hate crime related to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas