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The Demise of the Suit: Unbeknownst to Boygenius and Kim Kardashian, a Fashion Evolution Takes Center Stage

Wednesday, 22 November 2023 23:14 Lifestyle

"The Demise of the Suit: Unveiling the Fashion Paradox

In a eulogy to the traditional suit, a recent YouGov survey reveals a mere 7% of workers opting for formal attire in the office, signaling a shift towards more casual dress codes. Yet, amidst this sartorial mourning, the suit experiences a surprising renaissance in the spotlight. The phenomenon is exemplified by Boygenius, who recently donned suits for a Saturday Night Live performance, actor Jacob Elordi's exquisite Burberry three-piece at the Saltburn premiere, and Kim Kardashian gracing the cover of GQ in a blazer from The Row.

This resurgence prompts the question: why is the suit, once the emblem of formality, making a stylish comeback? In an era where the affluent and influential embrace athleisure as a symbol of relatability, figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Rishi Sunak sporting hoodies have become the norm. The suit, therefore, transforms into a symbol of rebellion, a cheeky defiance against the prevailing trend of casual wear among elites. Janelle Monáe's playfully oversized Thom Browne suit at the Met Gala exemplifies this subversive twist.

In a world dominated by dressed-down elites, perhaps donning the classic suit becomes a form of fashionable rebellion, signaling the timeless allure of 'fixing up and looking sharp' in a landscape increasingly defined by casual norms. Zing Tsjeng, an author and freelance journalist, delves into this intriguing paradox, where the demise of the suit coincides with its unexpected resurgence on the fashion stage."

"In conclusion, the paradoxical fate of the suit, mourned by a mere 7% of office workers adhering to formal wear, finds itself at the center of a surprising revival in fashion. As the elite class leans into athleisure as a symbol of relatability, the act of dressing up in the once-formal attire becomes an act of rebellion, a playful defiance against the prevailing casual norms. From Boygenius to Kim Kardashian, the suit reclaims its status in the limelight, offering a stylish alternative in a world dominated by laid-back elites.

Juxtaposed against the backdrop of hoodies and athleisure worn by figures like Mark Zuckerberg, the suit becomes a symbol of sophistication, a timeless gesture of 'fixing up and looking sharp' that stands out in a sea of casual attire. This unexpected resurgence highlights the enduring appeal of classic formalwear, challenging the notion that its demise is absolute. In the evolving landscape of fashion, the suit takes on a new role – not just as a relic of the past, but as a dynamic statement of rebellion and style in the present."

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