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Spiritual Spookiness: A Halloween Spent with an Unforgettable Group of Nuns

Thursday, 02 November 2023 06:46 Lifestyle

"Unveiling Heroes in Habits: A Halloween Spent Hosting Anti-Trafficking Awards with Sisters"

Amidst the eerie atmosphere of Halloween, I found myself in the heart of safety, surrounded by an extraordinary group of sisters at an awards ceremony. Hosting this unique event, I quickly learned the distinction between nuns and sisters – the former devoted to prayer and contemplation, while the latter actively engage in impactful works in the world.

The occasion, the Sisters Anti-Trafficking awards, spotlighted the remarkable efforts of sisters globally in combating modern slavery and human trafficking. Sisters Seli, Francoise, and Patricia earned recognition for their exceptional contributions in India, Thailand, and Nigeria, respectively.

Reflecting on the event, I shared a moment with Dame Sara Thornton, the retired former chief constable and UK’s former independent anti-slavery commissioner. Our conversation delved into the stark reality of modern slavery closer to home. Dame Sara highlighted the pervasive nature of this issue, emphasizing that it could be occurring within a mile of where many of us live. Whether hidden in carwashes, nail bars, restaurant kitchens, or care homes, victims are often concealed in plain sight.

The staggering estimate of around 100,000 victims in the UK underscores the urgency of addressing this insidious problem. As we grapple with the difficulty of identifying victims amid everyday life, Dame Sara emphasized the importance of the modern slavery and exploitation helpline. She acknowledged the challenge of knowing the helpline number, which stands at 08000 121 700.

This Halloween, instead of trick-or-treaters, I found myself surrounded by unsung heroes in habits, dedicated to combatting one of the darkest forces in our society. The Sisters Anti-Trafficking awards illuminated the profound impact of these sisters and their unwavering commitment to the fight against modern slavery. Adrian Chiles, a broadcaster, writer, and Guardian columnist, shared this enlightening and thought-provoking experience with his readers, shedding light on a cause that often hides in the shadows.

In conclusion, the unconventional Halloween spent hosting the Sisters Anti-Trafficking awards proved to be an illuminating and poignant experience. Adrian Chiles, amidst the playful and spooky backdrop of Halloween, found himself in the company of remarkable sisters dedicated to combating modern slavery and human trafficking. The event not only shed light on the important distinction between nuns and sisters but also celebrated the unsung heroes in habits actively engaged in meaningful works around the world.

The recognition bestowed upon Sisters Seli, Francoise, and Patricia underscored the global impact of these individuals working in India, Thailand, and Nigeria, respectively. Dame Sara Thornton's insights into the pervasive nature of modern slavery closer to home added a sobering dimension to the evening. The staggering estimate of 100,000 victims in the UK and the challenge of identifying them within our communities highlighted the urgent need for awareness and action.

As Chiles shared the helpline number (08000 121 700) for those seeking assistance or reporting concerns related to modern slavery, the conclusion of the text serves as a call to action. The article, penned by a broadcaster, writer, and Guardian columnist, not only recounts a unique Halloween experience but also serves as a platform to amplify the voices of those tirelessly fighting against the shadows of exploitation. The celebration of these sisters' dedication resonates beyond the Halloween festivities, encouraging readers to confront the uncomfortable reality of modern slavery and join the collective effort to eradicate this profound injustice from our communities.

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